Morning Routine

I don’t have one.  I need a good morning routine.  I just roll out of bed, put on my running clothes, and head out the door.  That’s it.  Oh, wait.  I do fill up my water bottle.

I definitely need to work on this.  I probably should wake up earlier, eat, stretch and then go.  I ran two mornings this week so far, and I did struggle a little.  Now, this could be because I was coming back after being sick and my last run was a half marathon.  It could be because it was 90%+ humidity.  Whatever the reason, I did feel as if I was missing a little something.

What is your morning routine?  Any advice?

It is just soooooo freaking hard to wake up early.  It’s hard enough to get out the door, but if I now have to wake up even earlier just to fuel.  This is way too difficult for me!  But, then if I want to improve, this may just be something I need to do.   I am thinking to start, I will start small.  Baby steps!  Maybe just eat a banana?  That’s something easy.  I don’t need to prepare it, it’s full of carbohydrates to keep me going.  Then I can work on having something a little more before harder workouts, or at least long runs.  I also need to start implementing more dynamic stretches, and I will soon write a post about what I will decide to do before each work out.

Let’s make this happen!


7 thoughts on “Morning Routine

    • brightsuzanne says:

      Thanks, Daniel!! I usually run in the evening, but I am going to try and be one of those morning runners!! Especially now that the sun is setting later, I don’t want my run to interfere with my eating dinner!


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