Fortnightly recap (4th – 17th Apr)

Oh dear.  I haven’t written my recap in FOREVER.  I was almost going to stop until I am actually ‘training’. Then I realised no, this is where my hard work is happening.  I need to detail everything.  What I am running during the week.  What I am doing.  Even if there is a whole lot of ‘nothing’ there.  So here it is, what I did (or in this case, didn’t do, over the past two weeks.

Recover!  Yes, this is all the way back after the Ragnar Event


1 mile run.  My legs were so sore, it was all I could manage!

10 minutes of lap swimming- started feeling sick.

Nothing – still sick.  Had a cough happening.
Still sick, but getting better.

Hapalua Half Marathon.  See the recap here.  13.1 miles.

 Total Weekly Miles: 14.1 miles.

Recover!  this time from the hapalua half marathon (and still my sickness….

Tuesday – Sunday
Rest!  I just tried to recover.  I did get a few surfs in, but I had a crazy cough and decided that since I don’t have to train right away for anything it is time to give myself a good recovery period.

Total Weekly Miles: 0.  This makes me sad.

That’s it.  Not a whole lot of anything.  But it’s ok.  Sometimes you just need to focus on recovery.  I’m going into the next week still with a cough, but it is definitely improving.




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