The Hapalua Half Marathon

Well, I did it!  I am not going to give a big race recap, as you don’t need to know what I was thinking every mile.  Though one thought was, ‘Why am I doing this? Do I even like running?’

Anyway, I’ve been sick with a cough/cold thing, but was feeling a little better so thought I would just run it.  I had paid and I’m pretty sure you can’t defer or transfer your race entry.

I had to wake up at 3am, to leave my house and park, then catch a bus to the start line.  It was super easy, but I was so tired.  I started the run at a good pace, but by mile 4 I had decided to relax, slow down and not get sick or injured.  I did do a run/walk for a while.  I walked up most of the only hill on course.  I just kept thinking l, ‘Enjoy yourself.  Enjoy the atmosphere.  Go easy.  This is just a long run.’

 I definitely went easy.  I was never huffing and puffing.  Sure, my legs hurt.  My calf started feeling right at mile 2.  But that’s because I raced hard last weekend.  The best part of this race is that I was around 2 minutes faster than my first half marathon.  My first half marathon where I ran the whole thing.  Now I ran/walked a half marathon, and still beat that time.  That is awesome.  I’m so excited to rest up, get this cough out of my system and start implementing more miles and more faster running.

The best part of The Hapalua – the finish! You get to enjoy malasadas (Hawaiian donut type things) and shave ice!

My time was 2:07:57.  I think that’s an average of 9:45min/mile.


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