Tomorrow’s half marathon

Tomorrow I will be running my second Hapalua Half Marathon. Behind I think will be my eight half marathon.  And I’m sick.  I was thinking of seeing if I could defer it until next year, but then thought against it.

 Am I ready? Yes.

Do I expect a PR? No.

How can I have different answers? Easily!

Please explain! 😂 I feel ready.

Sure, my training hasn’t been perfect.  I’ve been sick.  I have been away.  I just ran hard last weekend.  I’m sick right now.  But I feel comfortable.  I feel that if I wasn’t sick right now there would be a very good chance that I could PR.  Especially with how I ran last weekend.  I mean, 8 miles averaging around an 8 minute mile pace? I can’t do better than that!  Sure, they were split in two, but I ran them exhausted and on no sleep.  My half marathon PR pace is 8:51min/mile, and I think I could have knocked a few seconds off it.

However, I was struck down with something on Wednesday, felt really sick on Thursday, tried to rest and recover on Friday, and now on Saturday I am feeling a little better, but still have a cough and am not sure how I will go energy wise.

So, I have my gear ready to.  I’m getting into bed.  I’m not going to have much sleep, as I have to drive into town in the morning to run this thing.

I’m happy though. I’m not nervous. I’m just excited to run around Waikiki and Diamond Head with no (or very few) cars on the road!!  Let’s do this and have fun!!

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