Weekly recap (21st Mar – 3rd Apr)

Wow – what a week.  I didn’t run too much, except if you count the Ragnar Relay I did.  I am at a loss for what I did the rest of the week.  The weekend was simply amazing, and I will try to right about it very soon… Let’s try to go back and see what my week looked like.

1.2 miles easy run (10:51 min/mile pace)


Fly out of Honolulu (red-eye)

Arrive in San Diego!

Ragnar Relay
4 mile leg (7:40, 8:10, 8:14, 7:46)
Ragnar Relay
4 mile leg (my watch has it at almost 4.5 miles) (7:49, 8:19, 8:26, 7:59, 8:39 – last 0.5)
7.5 mile leg (8:40, 8:53, 8:54, 9:18, 9:45, 9:41, 9:08) – horrible positive splits! Not good!

A quick little surf, but mostly rest! (And flying back from San Diego!)

Total Weekly Miles: 16.7 (or 17.2, depending on what I actually ran for Leg 2 of the Ragnar Relay)

Not a whole lot of running, but an amazing weekend, and my legs are definitely feeling the racing!

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