Wednesday Wish List

I had written a couple of Friday Favorites.  But I do believe I have more wishes than I can deal with!  So, I figure I will start a wish list.  I will try to put links, just incase you want to buy me a lovely Wednesday Present!

Let’s go all out for the first one!
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Weekly Recap (18th – 24th Apr)

This week was fantastic!  It was all about taking it easy, as I’ve been sick and have not been running much over the last few weeks.  I did run a half marathon and the Ragnar Relay, however before and after both of those I wasn’t doing much.  Now I am on a mission!

Get Strong, get fit and get fast!
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Glute strength – The Power House

I have just read an interesting article on glute strength.  I completely forgot to get the link, so I cannot reference it (but I will try and find it later).  It talked about the signs of bad glute stabilization.  What the heck does that mean?  Basically, your bum isn’t strong enough to help you run properly.  One sign that you don’t have a strong enough bum?  Your knees collapse when you run.  As soon as I read that, I thought – that’s me!  I’ve seen countless photos of me, and I just thought I had weird knees.  But I guess not (well, I might still have weird knees, but I am sure I have a weak butt too!) The good news with this?  I should be able to fix it! Continue reading

Morning Routine

I don’t have one.  I need a good morning routine.  I just roll out of bed, put on my running clothes, and head out the door.  That’s it.  Oh, wait.  I do fill up my water bottle.

I definitely need to work on this.  I probably should wake up earlier, eat, stretch and then go.  I ran two mornings this week so far, and I did struggle a little.  Now, this could be because I was coming back after being sick and my last run was a half marathon.  It could be because it was 90%+ humidity.  Whatever the reason, I did feel as if I was missing a little something.

What is your morning routine?  Any advice?

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Fortnightly recap (4th – 17th Apr)

Oh dear.  I haven’t written my recap in FOREVER.  I was almost going to stop until I am actually ‘training’. Then I realised no, this is where my hard work is happening.  I need to detail everything.  What I am running during the week.  What I am doing.  Even if there is a whole lot of ‘nothing’ there.  So here it is, what I did (or in this case, didn’t do, over the past two weeks. Continue reading

The Hapalua Half Marathon

Well, I did it!  I am not going to give a big race recap, as you don’t need to know what I was thinking every mile.  Though one thought was, ‘Why am I doing this? Do I even like running?’

Anyway, I’ve been sick with a cough/cold thing, but was feeling a little better so thought I would just run it.  I had paid and I’m pretty sure you can’t defer or transfer your race entry.

I had to wake up at 3am, to leave my house and park, then catch a bus to the start line.  It was super easy, but I was so tired.  I started the run at a good pace, but by mile 4 I had decided to relax, slow down and not get sick or injured.  I did do a run/walk for a while.  I walked up most of the only hill on course.  I just kept thinking l, ‘Enjoy yourself.  Enjoy the atmosphere.  Go easy.  This is just a long run.’

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