another go at intervals

Wow.  So I posted about my last set of intervals two months ago.  I need to look on my Garmin activities, but if I haven’t run intervals in two months that’s the reason I am not getting any faster!

This morning I managed to get out of bed and run.  This is a huge accomplishment, because as my alarm went off I thought “Oh, hell no.  I’m not getting out of bed”.  Then a quick (20 minute!) look at Instagram told me, no get out of bed.  I wanted to do some repeats today.  I decided on 400m repeats.  They are easy to do, in a way.  They are only 0.25 miles.  I can run for 0.25 miles.  Then I was to rest for 2 minutes.  I walked for 30 seconds, then jogged the other 1:30.

It went something like this:

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 9.58.03 AM

I warmed up for a mile, did a few lunges butt kicks and straight leg walking things (I can’t think of the term for those!)  Probably not as many as I should have done.  Actually, definitely not as many as I should have done.  I decided if I can keep my pace between 7:53-8:00min/miles I would be happy.  I tried looking at my pace for the first few repeats, then the wind got kind of strong and I decided just to go harder, but comfortable, and give it my best.  If I was slower, it would be ok because I am running harder than I normally would.

In the end, I am pretty happy with my pace.  It was definitely tough.  I definitely need to do these more.  I might do hill repeats next week, then maybe the week after do 800m, 1000m or 1 mile repeats – just some kind of repeat at a faster than normal pace!


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