Friday Favourites

It’s that time again.  What are my Favourites this week?

Lululemon Speed Shorts
  I love these shorts. I bought them as a ‘prize’ for running my first marathon.  They were the most expensive shorts I had ever bought.  (I had previously been running in a lot of Target Champion C9 gear).  Wow.  I still remember my first run in them (the black pair).  I thought I was running naked!  I realized good gear means quality and comfort.  I ran that marathon in 2013, and I am still running in those shorts.  They definitely last and are worth the $50 odd dollars they cost.  If I could, I would buy one in every single color and enough so I only have to do laundry once a month!

The Magic Bullet

     I know you’ve seen the infomercial. One-two-three and salsa! It doesn’t work that way. Or at least I haven’t made perfect looking salsa in three seconds. However, I can make an awesome protein smoothie really quickly, and the clean up is a breeze. What have I been living in my smoothie?

    • Vega Protein Powder (vanilla)
    • Frozen berries (a good handful)
    • Half a banana
    • A few peices of (frozen) mango or pineapple
    • Water

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