Fortnightly overview (Feb 8th -21st)

I find it so hard to keep up on everything when I am away.  And I have been away!  First to Washington (State, that is) and then down to California.  Then over to England!  And I have not been posting.  That’s also because I got pretty sick, and didn’t run much at all.

In the last two weeks I have only run 3 times, and that includes today.

I did snowboard a lot.  I had a fantastic time, even though I was under the weather.  I bought pretty new shoes, and tried them out for a 4 mile easy run.

Then I went to England for the weekend, and didn’t run at all.  But I walked a whole lot around London!

Why did we decided to go to England?  My husband was watching an English Premier League match on TV in California.  He said that he would love to go to one.  I told him, if we go to one it has to be Everton.  He looked online, and saw they were playing at home and said, let’s do this.  Let’s fly into London, rent a car, and drive up to Liverpool to see them play.  So we did!

We saw Everton play.  They lost.  Disappoint, for sure – but it was a great game and they should have won!

I’m now back in Hawaii.  I ran 10 miles on Saturday, then 3.5 on Sunday.  And that gets us to the end of the two weeks.  Not much running, but a whole lot of fun! 
Total weekly fortnightly miles: 17.5


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