a week of being sick and snowboarding

I have been feeling really under the weather.  I have had a cold/flu thing for just over a week.  I ran my long run of 10 miles last Sunday, and I probably shouldn’t have even done that.  I haven’t run since then.

However, I have been skiing all week.  I’m in California, so close to Tahoe, and the snow has been so good that I’ve just had to go up.  Well, I say skiing, but I snowboard.  And it’s been amazing!! 

 The last time I went snowboarding was 3 years ago.  I remember snowboarding down long runs and my quads burning.  I would even have to stop a few times at the end of the day to rest, before I could make it down the mountain.  Now, my legs don’t hurt at all! I don’t know if it’s from running or doing other exercises, but whatever the reason it shows just how much my quads have built up strength.  I am excited about this.  It shows that I am getting stronger. And this is going to push me to continue not only to run, but to keep up on plyometric exercises. 

I have to say, I am excited that tomorrow is Saturday.  That means I get to rest and try to fully recover from this cold and get 100% so I can start running again!

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