trying to get outside

I have been in Washington for almost the last week.  And it is cold! (Washington State, just to be clear, not D.C – I probably would have died with the weather they have had!).

I am struggling to find the motivation to get outside and run.  It’s been rainy and cold and miserable and sometimes I just can’t do it!  But, you know what?  It’s ok. Non going to try and give myself a break.  If I can fit in 3 good runs a week, and by good I mean pushing myself, running some hills, adding a little bit of distance, then everything will be ok.    

 This morning I managed to get outside.  My workout today was hill repeats. I think I will be doing a lot of these because there are so many hills around me at the moment! Anyway, back to my workout. 

1 mile warm up
30sec uphill
1 min 30sec rest
1 mile cool down

I then grabbed the dogs and went for a 2.3 mile run with them to equal out 5.5 miles for the day.   

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