plan of attack

I think I have figured out what I am going to do as far as training goes for my Hapalua Half Marathon in April.

Have no plan!

I have been trying to create something to follow.  I am just not feeling any plans though.  I start making something that looks do-able, and then I just get bummed about it.  I think I want a bit of freedom.  I just want to enjoy running.  I don’t want to follow any plans.  If I follow a plan and then something comes up I get upset that I am not on schedule.  I am ready just to run!

Now, that isn’t to say I am just going to go out and do easy runs.  I do have a little bit of a game plan.  A lot of it is following up from my last post. (This post may be a little repetitive, but hey, I am writing this for me, not you!)

  • Interval/Hills – Once a week do an interval run or hill repeats.  Try to change it up every week. So if one week was intervals the next could be hill repeats.
  • Tempo – A tempo run a week.  I will do this similar to how the Hanson Brother’s call for tempos, at race pace.  Now that means I need a goal time.  Let’s be lofty and say a 1:50:00.  My goal pace is going to be around the 8:20-8:30min/mile mark.
  • Long run – A long run each week.  (A cutback run every other week).  I will try for around 10 miles to start, possibly try to reach a 15 mile run.  My cutbacks will be around 8-10 miles.
  • Weekly miles – Average around 30-40 miles per week.

To hit my weekly average I will need to plan a little.  So, maybe I will try to do something like this:

– Easy run (5 miles)
– Intervals/Hills (5 miles)
– Easy run (5 miles)
– Tempo run (8 miles)
– Rest
-Easy run (5 miles)
-Long run (10 miles)

If my math is correct, that gets us to around 38 miles per week.  Some easy runs may only be 3-4 miles, some long runs will (hopefully) be up to 15 miles.  My tempo run will not start of as 8 miles.  So give or take, I feel that works quite well.  I might even take a day or two off.

And maybe I should talk about my time goal. 1:50:00 is a dream goal at the moment.  My PR is a 1:55:54 on the same course.  I don’t know if I am ready to run 13.1 miles at 8:24min/mile, however I want to break 4 hours in one of my marathons later this year.  I need to start working on this now, which means I am going to push myself, starting now!  I I do have back ups, like always.  Plan B is to get a PR, plan C to break 2 hours, and plan D is to finish.

The most important factor leading up to this half marathon:
Have fun and enjoy running!





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