figuring out a game plan

I am trying to work out a half marathon training plan to follow.  I thought I had one.  I was going to use a Hansons Half Marathon Method plan.  I had printed it out, stuck it to my fridge, and then didn’t want to run any of those runs.

I am looking back at last years Hapalua Half Marathon.  That is my current PR.  At first I wanted to smash that.  That was my goal.  Was.  Now I am looking at the bigger picture.  I want to break four hours in the marathon this year.  It’s still my lofty goal.  I need to somehow get rid of 28 minutes in a marathon.  That’s bringing it down 1 minute per mile.  For over 26 miles.  That’s freaking crazy!

But I have 11 months.  11 months of work.  The training plan I will pick to get me to that goal will only be the last 3-4 months.  I need to work to be ready for that training plan for the next 6-7 months.  So, what do I do?

Again.  What do I do?  I am at a loss.  However, I have an idea of what may help me.

  • Run more.  Pretty generic, but I want to build up to 30-40 miles per week before my marathon training later this year.
  • Run long.  Build up (again) to running at least 10-12 miles on a weekend.  I am even contemplating running a few longer miles before my half (up to 15 miles).
  • Run fast.  Do speed work.  But I get scared of speed work.  I worry I won’t hit my paces. I am thinking this time take a less formal approach.  Do fartleks.  Just play with speed.
  • Tempo runs.  This are the key.  I am going to start small, and get big. I will start at 3 mile tempos and gradually build up.  I will try to run them just faster than my goal half marathon pace.
  • Hill repeats.  I think this is what helped me get that shiny PR last year.  I did hill repeats.  They say a hill repeat is speed work in disguise.
  • Easy runs.  My husband is starting to run.  I can do my easy runs with him.  Though, they turn out sometimes not to be so easy when we decide to race to the finish.  But they are fun, and I can always throw these in to my ‘Run Fast’ category.
  • Strength train.  I am implementing a strength training program into my running.  I was going to do BBG workouts, however I have now decided to do BBG-style workouts.  I want to succeed, so I am not pushing myself.  Just some jump lunges, squats and planks to get me started.
  • Yoga.  I am really not flexible.  As in, I-can’t-touch-my-toes, not flexible.  I hope this will change.  I have been starting to properly stretch out each evening and adding in some (at home) yoga sessions.  I really want to be a yogi.

Headstands!  The only thin

Sounds good?  It always does in theory.  The good news I have already started implementing some of these into my week.  As I get back into running I will be adding in my speed work and hill repeats.

My biggest question is do I make this more formal by creating a training plan for myself?  I used Hal Higdon’s Advanced Half Marathon Plan last year for the Hapalua and am thinking of using that as a guide.  Let me know if you have any thoughts on what I should do.  Though, I am a planner and will probably write something down!


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