my marathon pace

I never posted my marathon pace chart from the Honolulu Marathon.  I was talking to a good friend that is running that Walt Disney World Marathon this weekend, and my pace came up.  I had completely forgotten what my pace was like during the marathon, and decided to look back.

It was a surprise!  I knew that I had a couple of really slow miles – mile 16 I used a porta-potty.  Mile 21 I had to will myself to run after a long walk at the water stop.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 2.06.07 PM

However, looking at these paces I am inspired.  I have a lot of miles in the 9 minute mile range.  My stops didn’t really take too much off my pace. (2 mins to stop tummy troubles??! No big deal!)

My longest stretch of slower miles is from 21 through 25.  I am pretty sure this is because I had two long runs of my entire training.  Yes, that is right.  Only two.  One 15 mile run, and one 16 mile run.  I did a few 10 mile runs, but nothing much more than that.  I know if I can do more long runs I will have a much better chance of succeeding in reaching my goals.  In all honesty, I did feel like I was prepared to run a half marathon rather than a full marathon.



This is all on me though.  My first 10 weeks of training were perfectly executed, my last eight had four weeks missing and a whole lot of laziness.

I’m coming for you, sub-4!

8 thoughts on “my marathon pace

  1. Justin Horneker says:

    It’s all about being smart and being consistent! Focus on the long run but also maybe you need more mileage in general. This is good for one 16 mile run but you definitely have room for improvement!

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