oops. my bad.

So.  I have been away for a little while.

I ran in the Honolulu Marathon towards the middle of December, then pretty much straight after I went to Australia for work.  No rest!  I am finally back.  And excited to get back into it!

So, first off.  The Honolulu Marathon.  Wow – what an experience.  I hadn’t run a marathon for almost 2 years.  It had felt like it was my first time.  I was so scared.  I thought I wouldn’t make it.  My training hadn’t gone as planned.  My longest run was 16 miles, and it was my only long run.  Yes, I was scared.

My goal of breaking four hours was out of the window.  I had known for awhile that I just wasn’t ready for that.  I decided to hope for 4:30, and at least a PR.  It was a hot race, the water stations were set up differently from Disney (which took me a little figure out, and I missed the first one!).

With all of that, I did it!  I walked a little at the water stations.  I stopped for the porta-potty.  And I completed 26.2 miles!  I did it in 4:28 and maybe 7 seconds? I will have to check!

I’ve signed up for 2 more marathons this year.  I have the Portland Marathon and the California International Marathon.  I’m excited.  These will be in cooler weather, and the CIM is a net downhill course.  This is where I will be aiming for that elusive sub 4 hour marathon.  Until then I have a half marathon in April, and hopefully a few other races thrown in.

Let’s do this!


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