a tempo run

Wow.  So I am starting to understand cumulative fatigue!  I just did my Saturday easy run (5 miles) it my legs were tired!!  I didn’t end up going as slow as I would have liked.  

Side thought – It is strange.  I am trying to go slow, and I feel like I am running slow, but I look at my Garmin and it is in the low 10:00min/mile range.  Now, to some of you that may sound slow, but for me that is at the ‘fast’ range of my easy runs.  It was difficult this morning, but I am blaming that more on the humidity than almost anything else, that, and I ran my Friday easy miles in the evening, so it was almost like running a double.  My legs definitely feel tired, but I still find it hard to slow it down.  It doesn’t seem to make the run any easier, so I just try to go as slow as I feel ‘comfortable’.

I also ran my tempo run of 8 miles this week!  I was really nervous of the jump in my training plan of a 5 mile tempo straight into an 8 mile tempo.  I don’t know why I am finding these so nerve racking.  I am wanting a 9:09min/mile pace, and I have run half marathons at an 8:50min/mile.  I went into this run scared of not being able to complete it, and I need to get these self doubts out of my head.

I started with a 1 mile warm up, then stopped to do a few drills (high knees and the like) then gave myself a little pep talk and went right into it.  I stopped just past the third mile to take a photo, and then tricked myself saying I could take a break when I had my gel at the half way point, (I didn’t) then I decided I could take a break at mile 6 (I didn’t).  I thought I was doing well, and that maybe I deserve a break for the last mile, but then thought against it.  I need to run non-stop during the marathon, and that is what this tempo is for.  If I need to stop because the pace is too fast there is no way I can hold it for 26.2 miles.  So I kept running, and I pushed myself for that last mile.  And I am pretty happy that I pushed myself.
Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 9.22.42 AM

Can I hold this pace for 26.2 miles?  Maybe, maybe not.  But I will give it my all!  I do doubt myself a lot, something I need to work on, however if I don’t get my goal of this pace for the marathon as long as I can complete it with an average pace of 10min/miles or under I am going to be really happy, and come away with a huge PR.


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