Week 9 of Marathon Training

Week 9 is complete.  Half way through these 18 weeks.  This is my last good week before I have to go away and work for two weeks.  I just won’t be able to fit in the miles, so I will have to make some sort of plan.
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a tempo run

Wow.  So I am starting to understand cumulative fatigue!  I just did my Saturday easy run (5 miles) it my legs were tired!!  I didn’t end up going as slow as I would have liked.   Continue reading

a small trip to Washington

I managed to go out to Washington State for a few days to visit my sister in law.  It was amazing.  The temperatures were beautiful, nice cool mornings and warmish afternoons.  I loved it!

My sister-in-law lives in a beautiful neighbourhood, that is on a lake and has an amazing trail.  I managed to get all my runs done while I was out there, including a 10 miler, which felt really good.  I did have a little problem finding a track to complete my intervals, so I went up to a road that was kind of flat, however it wasn’t half a mile in length so I had to do a few turns to get in the distance. Continue reading