too fast a pace = failed work out?

That’s the question.  I ran my tempo run this morning, and my pace per mile was way too fast for it.  On the cards was a 5 mile tempo run, and a warm up and cool down of one mile each.  I was nervous going into it.  I don’t know why, I wanted to hold a 9:00-9:09 min/mile and I have done this many times, I have run half marathons faster.  I think it was because I haven’t run that fast for quite a while and wasn’t sure if I would be able to.

The warm up went perfectly, and I did a few drills after my mile.  Not many, but a few high knees and skips.  I then went into my tempo run.  Unfortunately I went out too fast, and tried to slow it down.  However, I couldn’t.  I kept going, and couldn’t seem to get my pace on target.  Now this may sound like a good thing, however the point of these tempo runs is to get to know what my marathon pace feels like.  I am sure I can keep trying to get used to it, especially once my mileage increases and my legs get more and more tired.  I do know that I probably would have found it extremely tough to keep that pace going for another mile.

Anyway, my splits:
Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 10.24.35 AM

At least I know my legs can hold some speed!  I also love how after you run faster, an easy pace feels easier!  I need to keep working on my speed and tempo runs so I get faster! I feel the need for speed!!

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