Drills – improve form and speed

One thing I have decided on is that if I want to get faster I need to get serious.  That means not just going out for a run, but actually making into a proper workout.

I have been reading up on drills.  Drills are meant to help improve form and speed, something I definitely need to work on.  Therefore, I am going to add some of these before my SOS (something of substance) runs, meaning speed/strength and tempo runs. 

The following are just some drills that you can do to improve your speed and form.

High Knees – Simply bringing knees high up of the ground, spring up off your toes and landing midfoot.  Try to keep the top of the leg parallel to the ground.  Use your arms in an exaggerated sprinting movement.

Quick Feet – Try to keep your cadence up faster than sprinting, as if you are running across hot lava – though small quick steps are key.  Keep your body tall, and try not to tense up.

Skipping – Skip for height, bounce off from the ground.  Exaggerate the movement of your arms.

Strides – Run for about 15-20 seconds, starting slow and building up to about 90% of your fastest speed, and then slowing back down.

How I plan to implement these:
I will do these after my mile warm up, but before my actual run.  For example, on Tuesday I will have a speed or strength run.  My training plan will be, for example, 12 x 400m.  I will go and run a one mile warmup, complete the drills (to start with, probably only about 2 x 20 – 30 seconds of each drill), complete the 12 x 400m, and then perform a one mile cool down.

I will start with these, and we will see how I get on!!  Let’s get serious!

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