Week 3 of Marathon Training

Oops.  I haven’t posted since last week.  I have been meaning to, but it gets so hot during the day I just feel like doing nothing at all.  Add that on top of being sick, and well, nothing seems to get done!

Training is going really well!  Week 3 is complete!  And I’ve only missed one run.  Week three has looked a little something like this:

OFF (rest day for running until week 5)
still feeling a little sick

4 miles at an easy pace (10:17min/mile pace)

OFF (rest day for running)
BBG workout – legs

Early morning surf
4 mile run at easy pace (10:03min/mile pace)

4 miles at an easy pace
Morning surf (a lot of paddling – definitely a workout!)

4 miles at an easy pace (9:57min/mile pace)

5 miles at an easy pace (10:07min/mile pace)

Total weekly mileage: 21 miles

Right on plan.  Very happy so far.  I have been using my Believe journal to log my process. I love how easy it is to use.  I always wear my garmin, and previously only really used that to track my training.  I have tried keeping written logs before, but I find I get lazy.  The Believe journal is amazing – so easy, write in the miles that you did, and you are done!  You can add in a few extras too, if you feel like it.

Now confession time – again!  I only did one BBG workout.  This means only one strength training session.  I definitely need to improve on this and incorporate more into my workouts.  I think I’ll add another post on what I want to start working on, with a game plan – it helps me see things clearly!


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