I missed my run yesterday.  I should have ran when I first got up, but husband convinced me to stay in and have coffee.  I thought I would run later in the day, but I ended up feeling very sick.  I have been fighting a cold pretty much since I have gotten back from Australia, and yesterday my stomach was just aching.  

I did go for a surf.  While surfing I felt fantastic, I still felt like I had a cold, but my stomach didn’t hurt and my head was clear.  Then I got out of the water and it just came back.  I felt terrible again.  So, instead of logging four miles it ended up being big fat zero in my books.

I’m trying not to be upset about it.  I thought about running today, which I am meant to have off from running, but then re-thought about it.  It wasn’t a special run, and these first few weeks are just meant to get me back into running.  One run won’t change anything, especially not and easy four miles.

While I am confessing things though, I will add that I only did two Kayla Itsines’ workouts this week.  I was going to do the third after the run that never happened.  Oh well.  Let’s get over it.  Plenty more days to work at!  This weeks goal: run what my plan says and do 3 BBG workouts!  Though, I did decide to take today completely off so I can recover…


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