in the middle

I am officially in the middle of my Kayla Itsines workout program!  I haven’t been taking progress photos, as whenever I do I feel like it kind of puts me off.  I’m not sure why, it just does.  I cannot believe I have come so far.  I have ben fitting in the workouts while working full time.  I mean working at a minimum of 14 hours a day, 13 days a fortnight.  It has taken a lot of dedication, and a lot of getting up earlier than I have wanted to.  I’ve also had to put running on hold, as I can really only afford 30 minutes to workout.

However, I have really seen changes.  I’ve noticed my legs have gotten stronger.  I am excited for this, and I keeps me motivated – I know it will make me faster.  I am already feeling it.  My long run averaged around a 9:30min/mile for 10 miles, and I haven’t been running much!  I even threw in faster miles.  If only I could change my diet….

I have been living out of hotels for the past 5 weeks, that means constantly eating out – sounds like a dream!  I’m pretty good at choosing the healthy options, being vegetarian does help too, but it is dessert that kills me!  Dessert is so easy to eat and it is always offered!!  I should just say no!


My co-guide and I working!

One thought on “in the middle

  1. crosstitchery says:

    Awesome work! I am the same .. I know some BBG girls take progress photos all the time, but I’ve been sticking with once every 4 weeks, as per the guide. You’re truly dedicated to fit training in whilst travelling!
    Erin x


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