slight change of plans

I love it.  You make plans, and then something comes along and ruins them.  For me it’s an injury.  I don’t really want to call it an injury, but I don’t know what else to call it.

I have a niggling pain in my right glue, that sometimes radiates down my leg.  It doesn’t happy all the time, and not when I am walking or running, but I can stand and twist a little, or stretch in a certain way, it will hurt.  And then my left hip started to hurt yesterday.  I decided to research a little and it sounds like it has something to do with piriformis syndrome.

What is piriformis syndrome? Basically it sounds exactly what I described, a pain in the butt (or glute, I guess, if we are being technical) that can radiate down the leg… Yep – sounds like me.

I’m going to try and do yoga, stretch, and try to recover over the next week.  If it still hurts next Monday I will try to get to see someone – I have no idea who I see for sports injuries, maybe a physical therapist?  I’ll look into it.  I really think I just need to build strength in the area, so I will try to do that.  I really just want to be in the best shape I can be before starting my marathon training.

Here is a time lapse of my headstand I have been working on!  Love doing fun stuff in yoga.

I am also not going to start the BBG for another week, just to give myself a break.  Fingers crossed that next week I will be good to go!

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