Over the weekend I was able to participate in a Roxy event, #runsupyoga.  The offered three different activities, a 5k, a SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) race and a yoga class.  I signed myself up for the run and yoga.

My morning started with the 5k.  I found out it was a trail run – I’ve never really ‘raced’ one, so that made me happy.  I was going to try and run fast, but nothing too crazy.  I have just run a half marathon the week before.  I jogged a mile to warm up and stretched.  And found some people to talk to at the start line.

The race started, and I was in the middle of the pack.  I spent a bit of time weaving around people trying and finally found some space.  The run was good, it ended up going onto soft sand which was so tough and my legs are still recovering from it!  I decided to go easy on the sand, and once we came back onto harder dirt go a little harder.  We turned back onto the harder trail, and the finish line was up ahead!  The course was short about half a mile!  Oh well – it was a fun race, and I came 2nd in my age group and 12th overall, of a few hundred people – not too bad!

I then had to leave and pick my mum up from the airport, and then get back – a long round trip, but worth it.

My mum and I did the yoga class.  It was a beautiful location, on a point overlooking a bay.  I didn’t find it the best class, but my mum did say it is tough with a new instructor and not being close to see what they are doing.  I did have fun and it was great to be able to stretch from this morning.

Overall a great day.

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