slight change of plans

I love it.  You make plans, and then something comes along and ruins them.  For me it’s an injury.  I don’t really want to call it an injury, but I don’t know what else to call it. Continue reading


the mission: get strong

Part of my lead up to my training for the Honolulu Marathon is all about getting fit.  I want to build muscle in my legs and gluten, so I have more power and hopefully can run faster.

To do this I am getting back onto the Bikini Body Guide, or BBG, program.  This guide was developed by Kayla Itsines, and Australian personal trainer.  I have done up to about week 8, of her 12 week program, and have seen amazing results.  However, I have always been training for a half marathon so I have stopped, or not put enough focus into it.  Now I am going to try to focus on her guide, while still doing a few runs in-between.


The guide has three resistance training sessions, think strength training using body weight; three cardio sessions and rehabilitation sessions each week for twelve weeks.  I am going to follow the resistance sessions closely, and aim to get in three a week – but they don’t need to be in order or on specific days.  I will try to keep running, and if I can try to do three runs a week that would be great.  Rehabilitation (stretching) will happen after running and the resistance sessions, but I am also going to try and incorporate more yoga into my life.

The plan is to start this week, the start of June, and carry on until the end of August.  My marathon training starts at the start of August, however it begins with easy runs so I should be able to continue with my workouts very easily as I won’t need to worry about my performance in harder runs.  After I finish up the twelve weeks I hope to bring some of the workouts into regular strength training after easy runs – but we will see, the marathon training seems like a lot to handle on its own!

Today I started the guide from the beginning.  I will attempt to post after each work out, that way I make myself more accountable – or at least at the end of every week with an update!

Week 1 legs and cardio.  1 workout down, 35 to go.



Over the weekend I was able to participate in a Roxy event, #runsupyoga.  The offered three different activities, a 5k, a SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) race and a yoga class.  I signed myself up for the run and yoga.

My morning started with the 5k.  I found out it was a trail run – I’ve never really ‘raced’ one, so that made me happy.  I was going to try and run fast, but nothing too crazy.  I have just run a half marathon the week before.  I jogged a mile to warm up and stretched.  And found some people to talk to at the start line. Continue reading