Marathon Goals

My goals for the Honolulu Marathon:

Break 4 hours.  That’s it.  That is the ultimate goal.  Looking at pace charts I am very close to being able to achieve this goal.  My second goal will be to break 4:10, because I think that is where the pace charts say I should be at.  My third goal is a PR, which I know I can do.

Breaking 4 hours is the goal – and honestly I will be upset if I don’t.  I know if I commit I can do it, but it is that committing part.  I will need to be consistant.

People may look at my previous marathon times and think a 44 minute PR is a lot to ask for.  I don’t.  This marathon is my first marathon that will be for a time goal.  My first was to finish, my second to finish (it was during the Dopey Challenge, and after three days of running a 5k, a 10k and a half marathon).  When I decided to train for my first marathon I didn’t know any runners.  People thought I was crazy.  Now I am more connected to other runners through Instagram and looking at blogs.  I can see what is possible for everyday people if you work hard.

HansonsI will be using Hanson’s Marathon Method to try and achieve this goal.  That means it’s serious!  There is a whole lot of running.  However, I think the paces are all do-able, and I will be aiming for a 3:55-4:00 finish.  I am aiming a little higher, because it is hard to run the exact course and I will probably be running over 26.2 miles, so if I do I should be covered and still come under 4 hours.  Maybe I could aim higher, and try for a loftier goal.  A 3:50?  I have thought about it, but I don’t want to burn out -I don’t want it to be too much.  I would rather go in a little under trained, then risk injury and not be able to start.   The amount of mileage I will be doing is more than anything I have done before, that is a lofty goal in itself.

I have already created my training plan in an excel spreadsheet – I just need to add it on my blog so I can be held accountable.  I don’t start my training until August, so I still have some time.  Find it here.

I have one small problem.  I am a tour guide.  I will be in Australia for almost 2 months doing back to back tours.  This means I get one day off every two weeks, and have (very) limited time to myself.  I’m also on call every day, every hour.  This means training for anything will be difficult. Luckily I will be back for my training to start.

My plan until August:

  • Make 20 – 30 minute running plans – Focus on speed and strength runs, if there is a location with hills – run them!
  • Try for at least 10 minutes of yoga a day – first thing when I wake up.  I am going to try to focus on my legs and hips, but try to have fun with it.
  • On my day off go for a long run – at the very least it should be 10 miles – this will help keep my endurance up.
  • Strength train – do squats, lunges, planks – body weight exercises that will increase my strength.

This 2 month period will be about getting fast, or at least keeping my level of fitness.  I won’t have time to run 5+ days a week, that means all runs should be of good quality!  I want to start this training with the best possible fitness!

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