Hibiscus Half Marathon

Not a PR.  But super happy with this run.  Let me tell you about it!

It was an early morning start, 5:30am in Waikiki.  I live on the North Shore, so it takes a good 45 minutes to drive to the start, plus trying to find parking.  Luckily, my mum is out visiting and had a hotel room in town and I could stay with her, though I had to sleep on the floor, but it did mean only a 15 minute walk to the starting line.

I arrived at the race start at 5am, and decided to wait in line for the porta-potties.  It was the longest line EVER.  By the time I had gone, the race had started, so I was a few minutes behind.  That wouldn’t be so bad – except there were so many people in front of me that I had to try and weave around.  It kept my pace really slow at the start, though I didn’t mind at all.  I had decided earlier that this race was going to be for fun and I wasn’t even going to check my watch to see how I was doing for time.

I did check my watch at mile 1 – I was at around a 9:40 pace – yeck!  Slow, but I didn’t mind, and reminded myself not to look at my watch again!  At around mile 3.5 I was wondering why I was doing this and that I should probably just do the 15k, I was slowly waking up..  I pushed on.  At mile 5 I had my Cliff Gel, and it gave me a bounce in my step – I started to just cruise and enjoyed the race.  This was the point in the race where you could see the faster runners heading back, it was so motivating to see them running so fast.  I thought to myself that I want to be one of those faster runners, and I just need to work at it.  I was smiling so much during this section – I loved seeing everyone run past, and because of my slow start I was suddenly passing lots of people, which always feels good.

The miles kept ticking by, and I just kept feeling really good.  I kept passing people, and I especially loved passing this tall, muscular, tattooed guy.  The only tough point was at around mile 12.5, because I knew the end was close (and that mile long uphill section probably didn’t help) and really just wanted to keep pushing and keep my pace up.

My official time: 1:56:31.

My splits:


Looking back on my splits, I am really happy.  The first few are slow, dealing with the crowd and keeping the pace easy, but the last few are amazing to me!  Mile 11 had the hill, so I don’t mind the 8:50, but the mile before and the two after are my fastest!  And 8:12 for my last full mile, that is awesome!

If I started on time, more at the front of the pack and not at the end, maybe I could have knocked off a few seconds at the start.  Maybe I would have PR’d.  But it doesn’t matter.  I missed a PR by 40-odd seconds.  The difference between this race and my PR half marathon is that this one I felt strong – I finished faster.  It had more hills.  I know I can keep improving and I know to trust the training.  This half marathon has given my a huge amount of motivation.


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