tempo run

 Yesterday I had a great tempo run.  It was so tough, but I completed it!  I didn’t give up, which I really wanted to do a couple of times.

I warmed up for a mile, and I was already sweating, running in full sun.  As soon as my watched beeped for the one mile mark, I built up to my hopeful half marathon pace, 8:30min per mile.  The first mile was good, the second mile I started thinking how tough it was, half way through the third mile I had my turn around point to head back to my house.  That was dreadful.  The wind was at my back for the first two and a half miles, now I had to deal with running into it.  I said I could have a break at mile 4, just to clear my head.  My watch beeped at the fourth mile, and I thought, let’s go a little further – just so I have run further than last weeks tempo.  It felt so tough, and I looked down at my watch and it said my average was still around 8:30.  I decided then I would keep going.

I started saying ‘You are fit, you are strong, you are powerful.’

Yea.. I know, sounds crazy.  I repeated this mantra for the next mile, over and over again.  It kept me going.  I really can’t believe that it did, but I finished 5 miles, with my final mile being around 8:17.  I didn’t think it was that fast.  I just pushed myself, at the end of the run I kept seeing that 1:50:00 on the clock, and that helped too.

Now, this run was really tough.  I really don’t think I will be able to hold this pace for my half marathon, I am struggling with 5 miles, but I am happy to keep trying and hopefully it gets me there one day.  I also feel that when I want to break 4 hours at my next marathon this will have helped me, I don’t see how a 9 minute mile pace will be that difficult next to this!  (Well, let’s worry about that when I have to 26.2 of them!)

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 9.39.40 AM

Next week I have a 6 mile tempo run, but there is a 10k happening near me.  I might try and run that at my 8:30 pace instead.  I just need to try and see how it can work into my training so I still log a long run in that weekend.


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