tough long runs

I had one of the toughest runs I have run in a while on Sunday.  It was my long run, and I was scheduled to run 12 miles.  I woke up early, and got out the door without much procrastination.  It was warm and humid though.

I really had to push myself to keep going.  I thought about running 7 miles, then trying to finish of the last five miles later that day.  I then thought, if I can push myself to run 8 miles then I would only have to run four.  As I ran further I just kept pushing myself to run further, making my turn around point farther away from home so I would have to complete the 12 miles.

I was keeping an eye on my pace for the first few miles, trying to keep my pace – but it was too humid.  I decided to just try and run by feel, at least I was getting a run in.  Once I hit 10 miles I decided that I felt good, that I was going to run all 12 miles, and that I should try to get close to what my long run pace should be, which is 9:29min/mile.  I kicked it up a notch for the 11th mile, and then tried to continue it on for my last mile.  My last splits were: 8:51 and 8:55.

Here are my actual splits:

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.18.34 AM

I have to say, when I looked back at my paces I was extremely happy with them – I was quite close to my goal pace, even with the heat and humidity, and my last two miles at a sub 9 minute mile brought down my average pace to be only 1 second off my goal time.  What I was most proud of though was completing the 12 miles.  I knew how upset I would be if I had come home at 7 miles.  I pushed myself – it is all in my mind.  I have to believe that I can do these things.  My mind is what holds me back.

What really helps push me forward when I don’t want to run is visualizing my goal time.  I see 1:50:00 up on the clock, and that is what I am working toward.  I also think about how doing these runs now will help me get my future marathon under 4 hours.

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