good runs and bad runs

the bad run

This mornings run was tough!  I was out running before 7am, so it was a little cooler – 70 degrees F.  But it was so humid!  We have been having Kona winds too – which means the winds are blowing in vog (volcanic fog) from the Big Island.  It just makes it warm and muggy and not that pleasant.  Hopefully the trade winds come back!

Anyway, it was a tough run.  I guess not horrible, just I had to work harder than normal – I was sweating a lot.  My easy pace didn’t actually feel that easy.  In saying that I did go a bit faster than I should have, but I was pretty close to my mark.  My splits:

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 8.12.01 AM

As you can see my last two miles were the fastest.  The humidity probably dropped a tad as the sun came up, and I was warmed up.  I tried to keep it nice and slow.  And I wasn’t thinking when I tried to stop my watch, pressing ‘Lap’ a few times instead of ‘Stop’, hence those extra laps in there!

the good run

However, this week I had an amazing tempo run.  I didn’t feel like getting up early on Thursday morning to run, so I left it to the afternoon.  Of course, the afternoon rolls around and I didn’t really want to run.  It was warm, and it wasn’t raining like the forecast said it was going to.  However, this run was on the schedule and I made myself go out and do it.

I was nervous.  I didn’t think I would hit my paces for the tempo.  It seemed a little too fast.  I told myself, go out there and try.  If you can’t hit those paces we can drop it back, but let’s give it a whirl.  I ran a mile to warm up, just trying to go easy, but not really worrying about my pace.  My first mile started a little fast, but I tried to keep it controlled, it ended up being just a few seconds fast.  The second mile also felt really good.  The third was when it started feeling tough.  I wanted to slow down, but when I thought about doing that (and I actually started to slow down to stop) I thought about the time at the finish line and how I wanted to see 1:50 on the clock, it was enough to keep me moving.

During the four miles I kept checking my watch, but for the last 1.5 miles I tried to run by feel, just to keep the same momentum going.  Looking at my splits later I am a little shocked, I actually managed to run each mile faster than the last.  Now, I am not sure this is a good thing, it is all about going at half marathon pace and getting a feel for it – and my last mile was way too fast! But I will take it.  Next week when I run 5 miles at my goal half marathon pace I now believe I can do it if I just slow down a little.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 8.11.28 AM

(My four miles were meant to be at the 8:30min/mile mark.)

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