being lazy

I feel that I am so lazy sometimes.  Mostly it is in the morning when I just cannot get out of bed.  I want to run early.  The sun rises just after 6am.  The weather is cooler.  It is beautiful outside.  But, then my husband doesn’t get up.  At the moment he leaves for work around 7:30am, and I want to have coffee with him.  I know I could probably get up, run and be back in time to still have coffee, but for some reason I just don’t do that.

Today I have my excuses.

  1. I read an article about the best time to run.  Harder workouts can be done later in the day when your body is already warmed up.  You should be able to perform better.
  2. It may rain this afternoon.  I want to run in the rain!  I already left it too late to run in cooler temperatures, and I am so over running in direct sunlight – rain would be perfect!  (Or at least some clouds!)

But, as writing number one down, I realize that my run today is a tempo run, and for this training cycle that means at half marathon pace, which probably means that a morning run, which is the time my half will be held at, would be most beneficial.

Oh well..  Maybe if I get to run in the rain I am running in ‘adverse conditions’ which can also be beneficial.  One can only hope!


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