tough long runs

I had one of the toughest runs I have run in a while on Sunday.  It was my long run, and I was scheduled to run 12 miles.  I woke up early, and got out the door without much procrastination.  It was warm and humid though. Continue reading


good runs and bad runs

the bad run

This mornings run was tough!  I was out running before 7am, so it was a little cooler – 70 degrees F.  But it was so humid!  We have been having Kona winds too – which means the winds are blowing in vog (volcanic fog) from the Big Island.  It just makes it warm and muggy and not that pleasant.  Hopefully the trade winds come back! Continue reading

being lazy

I feel that I am so lazy sometimes.  Mostly it is in the morning when I just cannot get out of bed.  I want to run early.  The sun rises just after 6am.  The weather is cooler.  It is beautiful outside.  But, then my husband doesn’t get up.  At the moment he leaves for work around 7:30am, and I want to have coffee with him.  I know I could probably get up, run and be back in time to still have coffee, but for some reason I just don’t do that.

Today I have my excuses.

  1. I read an article about the best time to run.  Harder workouts can be done later in the day when your body is already warmed up.  You should be able to perform better.
  2. It may rain this afternoon.  I want to run in the rain!  I already left it too late to run in cooler temperatures, and I am so over running in direct sunlight – rain would be perfect!  (Or at least some clouds!)

But, as writing number one down, I realize that my run today is a tempo run, and for this training cycle that means at half marathon pace, which probably means that a morning run, which is the time my half will be held at, would be most beneficial.

Oh well..  Maybe if I get to run in the rain I am running in ‘adverse conditions’ which can also be beneficial.  One can only hope!

10 x 400m

This morning I was meant to wake up early.  But I didn’t.  I slept in.  My bed is just way too comfy.

I had a cup of coffee with the husband before he left for work, then I headed out for my run, at almost 8am.  On the cards was 10 x 400m, with a recovery of 400m.  I warmed up for 1 mile, then did some straight leg kicks and butt kicks.  Nothing to exciting, and probably I should be doing more.

I went into the repeats.  The first felt super easy, but the second was tough.  And it was hard from there.  I wanted to stop, but I kept pushing through.  I realised I had set my watch for 12 repeats, and I wrote my plan for 10.  I stuck with 10!  No way was I doing more when it was this warm outside.

My splits:

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 9.37.30 AM

My pace for each 400m was to be at 7:43min/mile.  3 of them were perfect, the rest too fast.  I’m ok with this.  They are not excessively too fast.  And my last repeat was the second fastest (only one second slower than the fastest).  Overall, I am pretty happy – I was trying hard to try and keep my pace, but also towards the end work on running it by feel.  I think maybe my recovery periods were a little too fast, so I will work at keeping them slower.

I will be working at this workout before I start my marathon training plan (but after my half marathon is completed).  I will need to do 12 repeats, not 10.  However, my pace may be a little slower.  We will see, if I can get a little fast over the next few months I might try to keep my speed workouts at the 7:43min/mile.

To end on a crazy thought: I struggle at keeping this pace for 400 meters.  People (and not elites) were knocking out this pace for 26.2 miles yesterday!!  It seems a long way off that I may possibly be able to hold a 8:00min/mile for 26.2 miles, but small baby steps and maybe I will get there!

Hansons Marathon Method Trial

Today was my first run of a small trial of the Hansons Marathon Method I put together for the next five weeks leading up to my half marathon.

I have taken a couple of speed workouts, a few strength workouts and them kept Thursday as a tempo day.  I really have no idea what I am doing, but it is similar to the training plans I was doing, so I figure I can’t go too wrong.

You can find my training plan detail here.  I’m interested to see how my paces will hold for the strength and tempo runs.  It will also give me a great insight into how I am running.  I want a 1:50:00 Half (I don’t think it is possible, but I may as well aim close to this) and for the full marathon I am going to shoot to break 4:00:00.

So, on to todays run,  it was done at my easy pace.  The first mile was a little tough, I haven’t run since Thursday so getting back into it took a little while.  The second mile was too fast, but not by much, so I really tried to slow it down for my final mile.  Overall it was good.  I finished feeling refreshed, not tired.  I know it will get harder as I continue with my training, especially for the full marathon, but I am enjoying running slower.

My splits:

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.39.58 AM

Tomorrow calls for my first speed workout, 10 x 400m.  We will see how that works out!!

taking it easy

Yesterday I was thinking of going to run some mile repeats, or running up and down hills.  But as I thought about it I didn’t really want to go and do this in full sun.  So I decided to hit the trails!

I am so glad I did.  I have never really gone trail running, in a sense where you need to watch every step, that there are muddy patches, there are hills.  I took it easy, as earlier this year I twisted my ankle on a hike, but I really enjoyed it.  I didn’t worry about pace, if I needed to walk, I walked, if I wanted to speed up on nice easy areas I did.  I felt like I was a kid again.  I will definitely be back to do this again!

The elevation:

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 8.04.43 AM Continue reading

The Hapalua Half Marathon Recap

I’ve never posted a recap before, so bear with me.  It may be all over the place as I get my thoughts down.

My husband and I decided to spend the night in Waikiki, rather than trying to deal with traffic and parking early Sunday morning.  This was the best decision ever!  We stayed right in the heart of Waikiki.  We walked to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner, and got way too much food!  And cheesecake to take back to the hotel room!

I went to bed early, around 8pm, but I was waking up all over the place, at least every 30 minutes.  I was so nervous coming into this race.  I think it was my first half marathon outside of RunDisney, and I find those runs so safe and comforting!  And if you do badly you can just pretend you were looking at the entertainment!   I also didn’t have my normal crew of runners with me that I am accustomed to, I really missed them!  Just to see a friendly face before the run. I did have my husband and my dog though, so that made it a lot better!

Continue reading