The start of the month was a month of run-streaking on Instagram.  This just happened to coincide with me getting sick!  I decided not to let this affect me, and still get out to run at least 1 mile every day.

It’s now day 23, and I’ve run every single day!  This is quite a feat for me, and am hoping to continue for the rest of June.  It isn’t daunting, knowing that it is only a mile, and that I can do it as fast or as slow as I like.

I’ve tried to run a little faster on a few runs, and now that I’m working (which for me means living out of hotels) I will be running on treadmills quite a bit.  I don’t mind this, as it can make me push the pace and do more speed work.  It also means that I’m in a gym, which makes it easier for me to add in some extra strength work.  I’ve got a few 20 minute treadmill plans that I’m going to start implementing, so I’ll try to write a post about them.

I start my training for the CIM at the end of July/start of August, so this run streak fell at a perfect time to keep me active. I have to say, I am loving it!

HBF Run for a Reason – two PRs!

Well, I am blown away with how this run went.  I thought my pace wasn’t there.  I thought it would be hard to hold a 9 minute mile for the 7.5 miles I was running.  But no. (and in case the title of this blog post didn’t give it away – I came out of it with two PRs!).

The HBF Run for a Reason holds 3 events, a half marathon, a 12km, and a 4km.  As you know, I chose the 12km.  I decided I didn’t want to train for another half marathon, but I did want to push myself to go a little faster.  The 12km was ideal, as it is an automatic PR- I’ve never run a 12km before.  I was almost going to drop to the 4km run, my friend talked me out of it (quite easily) and I didn’t think I had done much serious speedwork to get me a 4km PR.

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HBF run for a reason training – week 5

Oops.  It’s Saturday in Australia – Friday for people in the US.  And I am just writing up last weeks training.  My run is tomorrow!  Eep! I’m not ready.  Anyway.  Let’s have a look at how last week went.

I was in California, and I celebrated my birthday early (on Friday)- so that really made it difficult to keep running – I got a bike! So, I naturally wanted to ride it all the time!

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GIVEAWAY!! Momentum Jewelry

I’m so excited to announce that I will be doing a giveaway on my Instagram.


I thought I’d write a little something here, just incase you don’t follow me on the ‘gram.

I’ve been an ambassador for Momentum Jewelry for a little while now – and they are such a fabulous company.  It’s funny how much their wraps inspire me.  If I’m feeling like my running isn’t going well, I put one on, and know I have support behind me, no matter how fast (or slow) I run.  They encourage me to get through the bad runs, and push me harder on the good ones.

I’ve reached 2000 followers on Instagram (which is a lot for me!).  I’m so excited that people want to see my journey.  Everyone of my followers encourages me to go out there and give it my best shot (whether you realize it or not), so now I am able to give back a little to all of you.

Head over to my Instagram to check it out.